How to Remove Juice Stain from Countertop

Bar Keeper’s Friend and Magic Eraser got this all cleaned up…

So the hubs and I were just cooking in the kitchen, making a mess and a glass accidentally got knocked over and broken. The glass happened to be full of some gnarly red juice and it spilled all across the countertop. I wasn’t too concerned, we were in a cooking zone and wanted to wait and clean it up later. But luckily my husband was responsible and started cleaning cause it was already beginning to stain!

I have a picture of the juice spill and then after the cleanup.
*I don’t have a picture of the stain*


IMG_7308 2


IMG_7309 2

Bar Keepers Friend and a Magic Eraser got it all cleaned up.

How we did it?

First, we used some paper towels to soak up all the juice. Then we sprinkled some Bar Keepers friend over the stained areas and wiped it using a slightly damp Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser would become red and saturated with the juice – so I would wipe and scrub a little, then run it under water and wring it out until it was white again, then repeated.

I was so happy we were able to eliminate the juice stain with no problem!



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