How To Get Wax Out of Carpet

What A Mess….

I love candles and having them burning around my house. I have a spot where I keep a bundle of candles on my kitchen table. The grouping is kept on a mini cutting board, in case of dripping wax – – the other night I was met with more than just a drip! I had the candles burning while my husband and I were watching TV. He walked by the candles and said, “Oh No…” I looked over at him and knew exactly what was wrong, he didn’t even have to tell me… I went over and saw not only this:




I don’t know if you can tell, but there were splashes of wax all over the place. Also, this is AFTER my husband broke off the top part of mound that was forming on the carpet. We rent our place and we couldn’t help but talk about how we’d probably not only get our deductible back, but how much we’d owe for new carpet! BUT this was not the case, Thank Heavens!

First we tried the dust and lint removing spray. It froze the wax and we scraped off what we could with a butter knife. This ended up working best on the splashes on the wall and table as well as the wax on the chair.


Then we found a video on YouTube that we kinda followed. I was skeptical, but then I though really, how much worse can this get?? So we put a damp dish towel (one we didn’t want) over the wax, then put our iron on a low steam setting and slowly ironed the towel. It took a few times of ironing and checking under the towel, cause we had to wait for the wax to get hot.


Magically the wax was gone out of the carpet; and it was truly like magic. If I didn’t do it myself, I don’t know if I would have believed it.


Now I know exactly how to remove wax from my carpet if it spills again!


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