What happens at the Utah Arts Festival?

A cool, cultural rich celebration of local talent

This year, 2016, the Utah Arts Festival is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. The festival started with a conversation that grew into the idea to put art in the streets and out for the community. The arts council was hearing that galleries were stuffy and there was a sense of general disinterest in the arts. It sparked an enthusiastic vision to have a cool, cultural rich celebration of local talent. With a limited budget and so much work ahead of them, they made the dream come true and this dream continues to come true – – every year!

My parents love going and have only positive things to say about it. I had never gone before, so this year I went with them to check it out. Now I get what it’s about, I get that it’s a big deal and get why people go year after year. Vendors come from all parts of the country…and some from further than that! Hearing the live music – that’s on every corner – pulse through the streets as you walk through the booths, listening to the artists’ stories and admiring their talents and displays…It’s an experience. The diverse crowd it attracts is refreshing; the festival is for anyone and everyone!

The live performances, the food, the volunteers, the people and the art; it was all so amazing. I only saw a few performers but the Aerial Arts of Utah was suspended in the air, hanging down the side of the Salt Lake City Library, SLAPercussion was fun, the Utah Symphony was gorgeous and I caught just a bit of Ballet West. If you haven’t ever been to the Utah Arts Festival…GO, make the effort; it’s more than worth the cost of a ticket. It’s really something you have to experience yourself. This year, I fell in love with the Utah Arts Festival.

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