Finding a good optometrist

I like my new eye doctor…

My eyes are really bad and I’m extremely nearsighted. You may be thinking you are too. If your prescription is above – or + 10, then we can talk. My prescription is -13 in both eyes, eye glasses alone cost upwards of $500 and they are still so thick I’d die if I had to wear them in public. I’ve been wearing glasses since kindergarten, my eyes have been going downhill since and I am now in my early 30s. My eyes have seen better days…
Finding a great optometrist is key. I have had some great ones in the past, but that was when I had the luxury of being on my parents insurance. When I wasn’t on their insurance I saw whoever I could afford – Target, Walmart, and Costco. At one point I had to wear glasses over my contacts. I must say, Costco is great. I had an issue with one of my contacts that weren’t under warranty or anything and Costco ordered me a new one, no charge, no questions asked. The contacts cost about $100 each to order.
Since that time, I’ve gotten married and I’m on my husband’s insurance through his work. Now my contacts are deemed medically necessary and no matter the insurance plan, they will be covered, which saves me having to shell out a fortune! My contacts at this point would cost $800 plus.
So, it was time for me to arrange an exam. I used 2 search filters:
1- accepting new patients
2- reviews
I used the same strategy to find my general family doctor and I was not disappointed. I called an optometrist on top on the list and made an appointment.
This doctor was professional, kind and also prompt:
First– I didn’t wait forever for them to call me back
Second- the appointment was quick without feeling rushed
Third- they dealt with my high prescription in a professional manner
I know it seems strange to say, but my last eye doctor was shocked at my prescription and made me feel like I was too hard or a burden to treat. I start sweating and get nervous when I seen an optometrist, It’s not always a positive, pleasant or easy experience.
This doctor gave me information I hadn’t been given before and found me some great contacts! He didn’t seem overwhelmed or shocked by my prescription and was friendly, helpful and easy to talk to. At my last eye doctor, the appointments were about 2 hours and they even sent me to another clinic for a test. At the time I was planning my wedding and I didn’t have this time to spend. They were really frustrating to work with. No appointment prior to or after that time had ever been SO long. But after the appointment with my new optometrist, I was so happy to come home and tell my husband how happy I was!!
If you are needing to find an eye doctor, general practitioner or any other doctor – – search reviews. Your insurance’s website may not have these search filters, if not, do a google search and gather information. Find a doctor who will be professional and take care of your concerns and eye health.
I am so thankful for great doctors out there, of all kinds! We are so lucky to live in this day in age where there are options for us!

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