Reindeer Dust

Christmas is a special time of year, but belief in Santa takes Christmas to a different level… I’m sure parents would argue a more expensive & stressful level, but it’s also a magical one. And fun to play into while you can! I saw this Reindeer Dust last year, a glittler filled bottle with an adorable poem that explains that sprinkling the glitter on the snow on Christmas Eve, will shine so Santa’s Reindeer can find their way to your home.

It was so cute but was $8/bottle… I thought it was a little much for a bottle of glitter with a poem. Yes it was done up all nice and professional, but I wanted to get it for my nieces and nephews; at $8/bottle that would add up quick.

So…. I took a picture and made it myself.

It comes together so quickly and inexpensively, making it an easy addition to Christmas Eve or presents for their friends at school. I’m sure there are amazing crafters and creative types that would make it even CUTER but… Anyway.. What kid doesn’t want to throw glitter?! (uhhh….outside, of course!)

Supplies List:
Glitter (I like white/iridescent – looks like snow)
Miniature Bottles
Gift Tags
Bakers Twine/Ribbon/Tulle
The Poem!

How To:
Fill the bottles with glitter (I made a funnel out of paper to fill them up). Write the poem on the gift tag. Tie the tag on the bottle.


I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby (local craft store) and Dollar Tree (local dollar store). You can find these items in like every store, online & maybe even in your own craft closet.

*REINDEER DUST is a thing on PINTEREST & is typically a mix of OATMEAL & GLITTER. If you search “Reindeer Dust” you can totally find a PRINTABLE for the POEM.


On Christmas Eve as stars twinkle bright,
sprinkle this on your lawn at night.
When the Moonlight Glows and
Santa’s Reindeer Roam – –
This magic dust will guide them to your

– You could type up & print out poem or use a label document & stick it on a cute tag.

– If you are writing it on a tag, I suggest tracing the tag shape & practice writing the poem on the paper; this way you aren’t wasting your tags getting it right.

– I like to get plain gift tags & buy reindeer stickers, but any gift tag will do. (Mine were a   package of 15 from Hobby Lobby & stickers were from Dollar Tree)

– Hobby Lobby has small rolls of ribbons & bakery twines for $1 (found in picture above)

– Last year I used & filled plastic viles from Michaels. They came in package from the beading department, used to organize beads. I like that they are taller than the little bottles, they look good with the big tag.

– This year I found little glass bottles, (click for link) with cork stoppers. $2.99 for a package of 8 at Hobby Lobby.

– If making it for your own children you could buy something super cute & save the bottles.



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