Quick Pan-Free Scrambled Egg

Eggs are a breakfast staple! But the thing is, I’m always cooking something up and washing the frying pan, but I don’t always feel like washing the pan… AGAIN! Yes, it’s easy and only takes a minute or two, but still, I get tired of doing it. So, here’s a PAN FREE solution…

The Ramekin! A ramekin is a small glazed ceramic or glass bowl used for cooking and serving various dishes. They are typically used to bake yummy treats in the oven, but because they are oven proof, they’re microwave proof too 😉 So next time you want an egg, put it in the ramekin. The result is a perfectly fluffy egg!

1 egg
1 dash salt (or season salt)
1 Ramekin
45 seconds

*You can spray ramekin with cooking spray, but it’s not necessary

-Break the egg & sprinkle with salt
-Whip/mix with fork
-Place in microwave for 45 seconds
-Run a knife along the inside edge of the ramekin to make sure egg isn’t stuck to the edge
-Use fork to lift egg out of dish
*If it’s not totally done, continue heating for just a few more seconds
*Dish will be hot, use dishtowel to take out of microwave

The egg is just the right size for biscuits or english muffins – – making the perfect breakfast sandwich. When I put it on top of toast, I cut the egg in half, horizontally to create 2 egg rounds to cover the surface of the toast.



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