Prenatals making me nauseous

I can’t seem to keep them down!


This is super frustrating…

You want to take your prenatals to provide the needed health for you and your future baby, but can’t seem to keep them down. I take my prenatal and a wave comes over me and I end up throwing up what I’ve eaten (sorry if that’s too much!) Personally, I have tried changing the time of day and I always make sure I take them on a full stomach.

I did a little reading and found many other women experience this same problem when taking their prenatals. Everyone’s experience is different depending on their personal situation, but I have found a few common reasons as to what might be causing this effect.

I have a couple things to look into and will look into changing.

  • Iron-  An excess of Iron in the system can cause this side effect of nausea. If this happens to be the case, there are prenatals vitamins, without the Iron, for purchase.

  • One-a-day VS two-a-day- My pill is quite large and take it once a day (as noted on the bottle), but I’m considering switching to one I would take twice a day. The vitamin dose would be split up so it would be easier to stomach.

  • Type of Pill- For many people taking pills, especially large pills, can be difficult. There are gummy prenatal options if the tradition pill/tablet isn’t your preference or is what stops you from taking your prenatals.

*I am not a doctor, nor have I consulted my physician regarding this. I have only done some google searching. I am not advising anyone to make any changes without working with your doctor first. I only intend to share some possible reasons why this might happen and to share the alternatives I found. Just know, this happens quite often and there are options.

I need to make a change and see if I can find out what agrees with me! I will update and share if I find something that helps me.

UPDATE: May 25 2016

I found a chewable prenatal at Walgreens (and I’ve seen them online) and the dose is 2 per day. I took them separate and together and they didn’t bug my stomach! But I don’t care for the after-taste. I have been putting them in my smoothie in the morning and I can’t taste them.

I also went to Whole Foods Market and bought their 365 brand gummy prenatals. They are 2/day and they are really yummy. They are Iron-free as well.

I have been alternating taking the chewables in my smoothies and the gummies on the other days. This way I won’t be getting too much Iron, but not none either. Also, I like the fact of taking a pill, I believe they are more absorbent than something like a gummy. Neither kind have been making me nauseous and I don’t dread taking them anymore!

Hope this helps!!


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