Early Birthday Surprise

What am I going to do for a week and a half until I can open it???

So, it’s my birthday next weekend which is about a week and a half away. My husband walked in the house after work with this BIG box.  Naturally I ask him what it is. Come to find out, it’s a birthday present, for me!! He said I could open it or wait until my birthday and that he didn’t care either way.

For someone that LOVES surprises and birthdays, but also can’t make a decision, it about killed me. If I open it, I don’t know what i’ll do on my birthday, but I can maybe start using it..? If I don’t, i’ll think about it and wonder about it everyday for the next week and a half.

It reminds me of growing up and your friends would come over with Christmas presents well over a week before the holiday. I struggled then with these decisions and clearly, it hasn’t gotten any easier.

I’m sincerely struggling. It hasn’t been 24 hours since it came. Because I don’t know what to do, I am writing about it… hoping it will alleviate some of the anticipation.

What would you do?! Wait?! Or open it…?

UPDATE: May 28, 2016

My birthday was yesterday! I took myself to Denny’s for a free grand-slam, my husband surprised me with flowers, notes, cards, presents and reservations to dinner! This weekend for Memorial Day, I am going to celebrate with my family – – the party just keeps going and I love it!

My husband brought this big box home like the beginning of last week, that only lasted a day and I demanded he take it away until my birthday. So I wake up yesterday (my birthday) and the presents were set out:


I was convinced it was some kind of camping chair or gear, but I picked it up to move it and it as SUPER light; so that theory was out! Then I thought it must be the “My Pillow” from TV. I even told my husband that I think I knew what it was!

I was so excited for us to go to dinner and to come home, open presents and see what was inside. I went to open the box and the top felt and looked like a guitar case – which I already have a nice one. I opened and pulled it out slowly assuming thats what it was, but it was smaller than that. It is a Ukulele!!

IMG_8757 (1).jpg

We stayed up late tuning it and learning songs. My husband always does an amazing job knowing exactly what to get me! I LOVE it and I love him.



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