Memorial Day Weekend Fun

No matter how you spent your weekend, I hope it was memorable.

This past weekend was SO much fun. I cannot believe we just celebrated Memorial Day weekend because this means May is gone-zo and summer is officially here! I was able to enjoy my birthday home in Salt Lake and had fun up in Bear Lake as well.

Because it was my birthday, my husband and I were able to celebrate on Friday. I woke up to flowers and a card, then I took myself to Denny’s for a birthday breakfast. When my husband got home from work we went to Market Street Grill for dinner in downtown Utah. After dinner we wandered across the street until it started to rain on us.

We got home and ate cake and opened presents. We ended up staying up way too late playing with the Ukulele he got me. It was a perfect birthday!

Saturday we slept in and drove up to the Lake. We were able to see my family who were vacationing up there as well as my husbands family who live there. We had fun driving around town and catching up with family members. We had cake and opened more gifts with my family. We caught up with my in-laws and had dinner with more presents! I was Super spoiled!

The rest of the weekend was so fun and the weather was perfect. One night there was a cool storm that rolled through with some epic lightening, it was fun to watch. We went swimming, gathered seashells at the lake, got chocolate covered strawberries at the Chocolate Bear, fed fish at the marina, launched water balloons; the fun never stopped.

It was packed full of fun but I didn’t forget about those that have passed on, that are deeply missed. I would say that I wish they were there with us, enjoying the weekend, but I believe they were.

Bear Lake is gorgeous! I couldn’t think of another way to spend the birthday, family time and a LONG WEEKEND! No matter how you spent your weekend, I hope it memorable.



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