Life Pro Tip: Finding a Great Doctor

Search Doctor’s reviews before scheduling an appointment…

images-3< < This is how it usually goes down right?!

Well, recently I went to the doctor. It had been years since I’d had an appointment so I had no clue who to go see.  I was on new insurance, so I got the info and started my search. Because there were so many options, I needed to narrow it down.


Through the insurance website I used 2 search filters:
1- if the doc is accepting new patients
2- by reviews
A great list was generated, so if you’re wondering how to find a great doctor, this should help. I called a doctor on the top of the list and the result was the best experience I’ve had with a doctors office…like ever!

I wrote a timeline, start to finish of me calling to set up the appointment to getting medication – – take a look and you’ll see why it was the best!

It went down like this:
MONDAY made appointment
TUESDAY – doctor appointment & blood test
WEDNESDAY – nurse called to set-up follow-up to go over results
THURSDAY– went in for follow-up/got prescription
FRIDAYpharmacy called me (this was amazing too…the doc called in the Rx & the pharmacy called ME!)
SATURDAY – prescription was in my mailbox!
THE NEXT MONTH – follow-up
6 MONTHS LATER – will be the next follow-up

I made the appointment and went in the next day. Those at the front desk were nice and helpful and after I got my paperwork done I was quickly called back by the nurse. When I met the doctor we chatted about what was going on and he quickly seemed to know what was going on. To know for sure and to properly diagnose me, a blood test was necessary. Typically a blood test requires an appointment at an offsite lab, but they conveniently had a lab down the hall. I wrote my name on a list and waited maybe 5 minutes before I was called back.

Shots, needles and blood tests are NOT my thing, I get nervous and cold sweat – it’s so embarrassing! But the nurses there were understanding about my nervousness, patient and quick; they let me rest there after (with a lollipop) as long as I needed.

Its typical for a patient to wait a week or two, to get results. But the next day the nurse  called me to say they had results and we arranged the follow-up for the next day!

I went back in and the doctor explained what was up, gave me answers and got me a prescription. He called the prescription into Brighton Pharmacy. The pharmacy called ME and set it up to be mailed to my house. A couple days later it was in my mailbox.

I wanted to share so others may consider reviews when making their appointments. If you are looking for a doctor this is the way to go…I’m convinced! Because this method worked so well, I did the same thing with finding an eye doctor and again and I got the same results. Not only did I have a normal eye appointment, it was the best one I’ve had!

In my opinion its the positive reviews that have made the difference between past appointments and these recent ones. An average experience is good, I’ve never complained about average; but who takes the time to review average? Next time you make an appointment with a doctor, Keep This In Mind.



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