Simple Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts: Simple, Homemade & Thoughtful

Fathers Day 2016 is just a few days away. Summer has just begun, kids are home and life just gets busy. But stopping to celebrate the men in our lives is important! The hard part is, what do you get them?? I feel like I’m always searching the internet and aimlessly wandering stores hoping to find some sort of inspiration – – sometimes this works and sometimes it just doesn’t do it!

I feel Father’s Day gifts should have a sense of personalization, but it’s hard when you’ve run out of ideas &/or time! I have a couple ideas to help out whether you need something last minute or just an extra something to add to what you already have. I hope this sparks some creative ideas or inspiration, without having your budget suffer – – or if you are a last-minute planner!

1.    This year I decided to give my Dads Homemade Steak Marinade; recipe HERE (I make this without red pepper flakes or parsley & it’s still great). I doubled the recipe and made it in a bowl, whisked together and poured in the jar until full. I also found extra large Mexican Coca-Cola, the kind with the real sugar in the glass bottle at Rancho Market (they are larger than what I’ve seen at other grocery stores). I decided to pick a couple up to go with the jarred marinade. It’s a quick and inexpensive but one most men would appreciate – – Steak and a Coca-cola! *or any other drink


2.      I also like the idea of Homemade Shaving Cream. You can pick up a cute bottle at Hobby Lobby (and use a 40%off coupon) and choose his favorite scent in essential oil. Recipes can be found all over Pinterest or a quick google search will also bring up plenty of options. You could get a nice razor to go with it or even replacement blades for the one he uses. This is practical, but thoughtful!

Here are a few homemade recipes I found: 
Ingredients: honey, oil, liquid castile soap and essential oil. Use a pump bottle for this.
Ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter & olive oil. Storing this is wider mouthed, squatty jar is best because this one is whipped.

3.    I have made my dad’s Favorite chip dip, left it in the fridge with a note and making sure there were chips in the pantry with this name on them. I’ve done the same thing with Shrimp and his Favorite Cocktail Sauce. Another food combo is Homemade Salsa (I love the Blend-tec Salsa Recipe), chips and tequila or margarita mix, beer works too! My Grandpa loves my moms Homemade Thousand Island Dressing, that is always a no-fail gift! Who doesn’t love to indulge in their favorite food on a special occasion – whatever it is they love or if you have a specialty, it makes a great present.


3.     You can’t go wrong with Service. When you think of your dads and husbands, their lives get filled up fast, so when someone can step in and get something done for you, it’s so appreciated. Things like: Shining Shoes, Ironing Shirts, Washing Cars, Mowing/Trimming the Lawn, Organizing their Office or a section of the garage, my dad always liked us brushing his hair, etc. Also, giving the gift of alone time – to bike ride, relax, play a video game, read or just take an afternoon nap is always appreciated and needed!

There was a segment on local TV show Studio 5, where they showcased a family creating a Personalized Tie every year. This became like a family scrapbook page. The ties could be created or bought at even a thrift store. There were some great ideas presented, watch the segment for some extra homemade inspiration – REALLY, old shirts were upcycled and used as wrapping paper, cleaned up shoes housed candy and gift cards; some really cute ideas!!

4.  Even their Favorite Breakfast or Brunch with a Banner is fun for everyone. Banners are so trendy right now, even just one show stopper banner or layer them for accent and visual effect! I made one with balloons and yarn – surprisingly cute and so simple (it’s pictured in the linked blog)! Most craft stores have kits and large alphabet stickers to make one that’s more traditional. Pompom trim is also a cute layer to accent any banner, that doesn’t need anything but itself. You can make a banner with yarn, clothespins (mini or normal) and pictures of you/your family and the man/men in your life.

If you have an idea you have used, that was a hit, feel free to comment and share below!



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